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Welcome to your one stop source for diplomas, certification, qualifications and association memberships relating to the fields of Hypnotherapy, Stage Hypnosis and related subjects.

It is a condition of purchasing from this site that by ordering you are confirming that you either have prior Professional Experience using Hypnotism or that you have recently finished a recognised course of study, which would enable you to be confident and competent dealing with people in the areas covered by our “Professional Hypnotherapist Diploma, Certification, Qualification and Association Memberships Package!”

You should note that there are currently no recognised qualifications for any area of Hypnotism in England at this time and as such these documents are being sold as “fun diplomas” for entertainment and novelty purposes only!

Those of you with experience in the areas covered by these diplomas will in England at least be OK displaying them as proof of your abilities, however you should be aware that in many places it is a criminal offence to use such items to pass yourself off as having experience or skills which you do not have……

Therefore if you are not already a Professional Therapist may we suggest that you visit and take a course from Jonathan Royle .

You should also be aware that some countries do have legally recognised training and as such their laws may dictate that you must be state licensed (if in USA for example) before being able to legally treat people with Hypnosis.


You will be sent a total of eighteen (18) – yes that's right 18 diplomas, certificates, qualifications and memberships all of which will be personally signed by Top Television Hypnotist and Celebrity Mind Therapist Dr. Jonathan Royle – Ph.D. as follows:

•  Certificate of Membership to The Royle Institute of Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy - (RIHP) incorporating The Association of Complete Mind Therapists – (ACMT).

•  Certificate of Membership to The Professional Organisation of Stage Hypnotists – (POSH) incorporating The Association of Professional Stage Hypnotists (APSH)

•  Diploma in Advanced Stage Hypnotism – (DASH)

•  Diploma in Complete Mind Therapy – (DCMT)

•  Diploma in Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy (DHP)


 Corporate Stress Consultant

•  Advanced Psycho-Sexual Therapist

•  Specialist Relationships Counsellor

•  Master Hypnotic Consultant

•  Celebrity Lifestyle Consultant & Life Coaching

•  Hypnotic Method Acting Coach

•  Precision Movie Psychotherapist

•  Rapid Results Pain Control Consultant

•  Rapid Phobia Removal Therapist

•  Past Life RegressionTherapist

•  Qualified Yog-Hyp Instructor

•  Psychic Life Counsellor

•  Qualified Hypnotic Seduction Instructor


All of the above 18 diplomas will be sent Post Free to you anywhere in the world signed personally by Dr. Jonathan Royle – Ph.D. , the area for your name and the date of qualifying will be left blank so that you may add these details in either by hand yourself, or using a calligrapher or indeed your computer so that they are 100% personalised for you!

FREE OF CHARGE you will also be sent a CD-ROM containing every book, manual and course ever written by Dr. Jonathan Royle – Ph.D . which will teach you everything you'll need to know to be confident and competent in all the above mentioned areas.

This disc usually sells for 177 on other sites and yet we will send it you 100% Free when you order your deluxe Diploma Package for just 127 sent post-free anywhere in World!